Buying NFTs should always be this fun

Poolsuite Executive Membership card

What is Poolsuite?

Getting ready to onboard

What was great


Mutual excitement


  • Impressive website. Amazing websites are a staple of every Poolsuite project. Visiting shows an animated 3D wallet showcasing several membership cards with their respective perks and benefits.
  • Easy minting. Once the clock struck 1 PM EST, I refreshed to see a “Buy” button appear. Clicking this, I was prompted to login to my Metamask wallet. After a few moments of anticipation, the mint was confirmed and the NFT had been added to my wallet. A very straightforward process, thanks to a smooth NFT protocol.
  • Smooth gateway. Once I had my executive member pass secured, I went to and clicked “Sign in for a good time”, connected my Metamask wallet, and then this happened…
Poolsuite’s NFT detection experience
  • Success. Within an hour of the minting beginning, the 2,500 limited memberships were gone at 0.2Ξ each. This means Marty and the Poolsuite team have a cool $2M USD in liquidity to build out their vision. It’s a good start and it’s fun watching the things you believe in succeed. 24 hours after the sale, the cost of membership on secondary markets like OpenSea is around 3–4x the initial minting price. Demand continues to grow.

What was not-so great

  • Education. Learning about different blockchain protocols, crypto wallets, exchanges, and every tool in-between is a daunting task. Future projects could benefit from educational materials catered to their specific audience. Rather than leaving new entrants to go chasing relevant information on their own, brands could prepare curated materials that prepare your for exactly what you need.
  • Fraud. If you go to OpenSea and search for “poolsuite” you’ll see a number of fraudulent accounts nestled with the real ones. This is a huge problem for every potential NFT project: once your project is popular enough, you’re susceptible to fake accounts and disappointed potential buyers on the secondary markets. Even the best-intended projects can be derailed by too much fraud; this needs to improve.
Screenshot of “poolsuite” search on OpenSea NFT marketplace.
  • Instant impact. Getting into project this early into Web3 means you are investing in some future benefit. I get that projects will take time and need capital, but promises of the future will only work for the visionary adopters. To reach the majority, projects need to have a tangible and immediate return on investment (and I don’t mean monetary). This could be an experience or fungible asset bundled with the NFT purchase to “wow” owners. I loved the Poolsuite experience and am looking forward to carrying a physical card a few weeks from now, but I worry that with today’s short attention span, promises several weeks away are too far away for most.



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Ryan Wigley

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