Reflections on disrupting the music industry

NYC daydream

  1. Early success: Their first product was gaining traction within the NYC DJ community (a peer-to-peer info sharing tool).
  2. Timing: Electronic Dance Music (a DJ-centric culture) was seeing unprecedented growth in the US.
  3. Validation: Well covered by the press and located in a trendy co-working space, Dubset was primed for investment.

S(crappy) beginnings

B2B to the rescue

A cog in the wheel

Dubset as the distribution “cog”.

From music-tech to tech-music

Audio file is uploaded, processed, and distributed to music services. e.g. Apple Music, Spotify

Growing to exit


  • Be clear about your vision and mission for a company from the get-go. It’s crucial to define those clearly so that your team remains on message and focused as you scale.
  • Work for startups you genuinely care about. An authentic message is just as important as an authentic team (for success and sanity).
  • Celebrate small wins. Don’t delay gratification until the “big win”. Cheer on the modest or even small stuff and help build a culture of positivity.
  • Leadership conflicts will cripple growth. If you encounter one of these situations, either bail or work hard to defend your team by learning how to work best with each leader.
  • Companies that have survived in their seed stage for many years will have very complicated finances. Exits will be messy.

What’s next?



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Ryan Wigley

Ryan Wigley

Product manager, builder, and storyteller.